Using the elements and principles of design, Carole Novak designs bead and metal jewelry, websites, landscapes and gardens. She has been a designer for most of her life and was an active landscape designer for almost 20 years. Now, she has decided to focus her design enthusiasm on natural gemstones and metal beads turning them into beautiful, lively, wearable art. Color is important to Carole and so is line, rhythm, texture, shape, etc. Sometimes Carole designs a simple, repetitive necklace, but then she just as well might design something more complex. Each one will look well designed and very carefully thought out. A design might go through three or four reincarnations before she is satisfied with it. Carole designs not just for beauty but also for comfort and ease of wearing and that includes the putting on and taking off of the jewelry piece.

Carole uses only the very best quality findings and components in her designs such as wireguards, headpins, jumprings, earwires and posts, as well as the beading wire, leather, or other wire which holds the design together. Most earring dangles are finished with wrapped loops so you will not lose the dangle at the most inopportune moment.

Carole likes to explore the gem world for new and unusual gemstones. She is finding that the best gemstones are those that are not dyed and otherwise manipulated by man. Carole likes to design with unusual gemstones that are as natural as possible. She is especially drawn to gemstones that change as you look at them, such as tigereye, labradorite, opals, obsidian and many others.